You can experience soba noodles online


・Why not make homemade buckwheat noodles at your home?
・First of all, please apply after connecting to the Skype name “”

・Contents: You can experience soba making together using SKYPE.
・Place: Free
・Time: Consultation available
・Day: Consultation available
・What to bring: Complete set of soba making tools, apron, towel, writing instruments, etc.
・Fee: 2500 yen (excluding tax)

・It takes 1 hour 30 minutes
・Breakdown (Please prepare the materials and tools by yourself only for the trial lesson fee)
* Items to be prepared
・Ingredients (120g-140g water, 240g buckwheat flour, 60g wheat flour, flour or buckwheat flour or potato starch)
・Tools (noodle stand, kneading bowl, kitchen knife, rolling pin, sieve, digital scale, cutting board, piece board, tray, aluminum foil, hand towel, spray